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Monthly Archives: May 2009

  • Consumers should 'look at product ingredients'

    Posted on May, 29 2009 Consumers should pay close attention to the ingredients in their skin care products, an expert has said.In response to a reader's question regarding the presence of the oxybenzone chemic in sun lotion, advised that careful consideration
  • Anti-wrinkle cream 'can reduce ageing'

    Posted on May, 29 2009 An increasing number of women are turning to anti-wrinkle skin care products to help beat the signs of ageing, it has been claimed.Caroline Jones, writing for, commented that new innovations have made this route a more popular one
  • Writer gives natural beauty tips

    Posted on May, 29 2009 Women can use several techniques to mimic the natural beauty of the world's top models, according to a source.Meghan Casserly, of writing in an article published on, stated that using tinted moisturiser is one way of a
  • People 'confused over sunscreen'

    Posted on May, 29 2009 People with dark skin are often confused about whether they should wear products such as organic sunscreen, an expert has claimed.Rebecca Freeman, spokesperson for the British Association of Dermatologists, commented that consumers are uncertain reg
  • Natural skin care products 'can reduce ageing'

    Posted on May, 28 2009 People wanting to get a perfect face for summer with their natural skin care products should exfoliate and rejuvenate their hair cut.Experts stated people can get younger-looking skin in simple steps, with Dr Nick Lowe, a dermatologist, adding that
  • Organic sunscreen 'as effective as non-organic'

    Posted on May, 28 2009 It is a myth that organic sunscreens are not as effective as chemical ones, one expert states.Scientist Dr Chris Flower said people should not shy away from the products as they are equally as effective as other screens, meaning more people may buy
  • Sulfates 'should be avoided' by those with sensitive skin

    Posted on May, 28 2009 The new A'kin Pure Baby range is free of parabens and sulfates, as the manufacturers, the Purist Company, claim they are harsh on skin.Sulfates are commonly found in cleaning products, but also in cleansing and hair care products, and have been foun
  • Ladies will not cut back on natural hair care

    Posted on May, 27 2009 Ladies are not cutting down on natural hair care products in the recession, according to one expert.Eleanor Ruhan, marketing and public relations officer at Ego Hair Studio, said the so-called lipstick effect is continuing in the recession, as women
  • Beauty food 'can boost natural skin care'

    Posted on May, 26 2009 The secret to natural skin care may be what you put in your mouth, as well as what you put on your skin.Jodi Mailander Farrell, writing for McClatchy Newspapers, said an increasing focus is being placed on "beauty foods" which help you look healthy
  • Ladies adopt natural beauty look

    Posted on May, 26 2009 Ladies are adopting a more natural beauty look as the credit crunch bites, but are still spending on natural skin care.Sadie-Jean Sloss, a professional make-up artist, told the Scotsman that women are buying alternative products but continuing to bu

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