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Monthly Archives: June 2009

  • Practicing skin safety is 'crucial this summer'

    Posted on Jun, 30 2009 Looking after your skin and applying sunscreen this summer is vital if you want to avoid sun damage and skin cancer later in life, according to one dermatologist.People considering natural skin care may be interested by the advice which comes from D
  • Victoria Beckham ditches fake tan for natural look

    Posted on Jun, 30 2009 Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is just one of a number of celebrities who are doing away with their famous fake tans to allow their natural beauty to shine through.Various photographers captured images of the 35-year-old mother of three recently
  • Expert: Less is more with makeup

    Posted on Jun, 30 2009 Applying less makeup and making sure it is completely removed before going to bed is vital if you want to achieve natural beauty, according to one expert.Martha Kepner, a health and beauty reporter for, said natural skin care products l
  • Chemical-based products can be too confusing

    Posted on Jun, 30 2009 People in Canada are not content to simply consume products which contain unnatural products and are now switching to organic skin care products instead, according to one writer.Julie Beun-Chown wrote in the Calgary Herald about the trend for people
  • A'kin's organic skin care contains 'proven beneficial extracts'

    Posted on Jun, 29 2009 A'kin has launched its anti-ageing organic skin care products which promise to protect, revitalise and brighten complexions for a healthy, glowing look.The company, which specialises in paraban free and sulfate free skin products, has released Hydro
  • Pop star reveals her skin care advice

    Posted on Jun, 29 2009 The singer Savannah Outen, who first rose to prominence after posting videos of herself singing on You Tube, has revealed her tips for natural beauty this summer to one website.People interested in natural skin care may be interested to hear her tip
  • Natural skin care booms

    Posted on Jun, 27 2009 Natural skin care products have been going through a revival around the globe thanks to the increased demand and awareness that consumers have, according to one said that global sales of natural and organic skin care produc
  • Natural products are safest for wrinkle removal

    Posted on Jun, 26 2009 Natural skin care products offer the least risk for people who want to get rid of their wrinkles, according to one said that although Botox use is on the rise, the treatment carries serious risks such as paralysis.The web
  • Natural foods 'can control help acne'

    Posted on Jun, 26 2009 Avoiding overexposure to the sun and eating natural and organic foods are two of the top tips which a website gives for people suffering from acne this gave its top ten tips to help calm the skin condition just in time to tie i
  • Eating right 'helps fight wrinkles'

    Posted on Jun, 26 2009 Choosing natural foods is one way that people can improve the condition of their hair, according to one news provider.Fox News said that concentrating on what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on your skin.It stated: "Make

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