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Monthly Archives: January 2010

  • Eating the right foods is an essential part of natural beauty

    Posted on Jan, 14 2010 Consuming the right types of foods and supplements is as important as which organic skin care products you use, according to one expert, who said they can make a big difference to one's complexion.Stylist magazine reported on the importance of consu
  • Natural skin care crimes need to be avoided

    Posted on Jan, 14 2010 Fans of natural skin care perform natural makeup crimes, according to one magazine, which said that certain faux-pas can clog up pores and cause outbreaks of spots.Stylist magazine reported on the bad beauty habits which some people get into, such a
  • Hydration important to natural skin care

    Posted on Jan, 14 2010 Fans of natural skin care should make sure they keep their skin properly hydrated, according to one magazine, which said that getting the right amount of H20 can improve the condition of a complexion.Stylist magazine reported that the importance of
  • Preparation is vital part of natural makeup

    Posted on Jan, 13 2010 Fans of natural makeup need to ensure that they prepare their skin properly before they apply products, according to one expert, who recommended using a good primer to get the best results.Beauty expert Ruby Hammer told Stylist magazine that people
  • Classic looks inspire natural hair care

    Posted on Jan, 13 2010 Fans of natural hair care who want to stay on-trend this new year need to make sure that they use classic styles, according to one organisation, which recently gave its tips for 2010.Models Direct revealed its top five hair trends for this year and
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones embraces natural beauty

    Posted on Jan, 13 2010 One of the world's most famous movie stars has spoken about the importance of trying to look one's best, even when she is taking a short trip to the supermarket.Catherine Zeta-Jones told OK! that she owes it to her fans to try and keep her natural m
  • Neanderthal natural 'makeup' discovered

    Posted on Jan, 12 2010 Fans of natural makeup could be following in the footsteps of Neanderthal man when applying their products, according to a team of researchers, who claim they have found evidence that they made their own primitive cosmetics.British archaeologists be
  • Natural beauty: Boring nails are out

    Posted on Jan, 12 2010 Fans of natural makeup who want to be on-trend this season should make sure they wear interesting nail polish, according to one website, which said that switching hues is a cheap way to reinvent a gave its top tips for the upcoming
  • Full lips secret to natural beauty

    Posted on Jan, 11 2010 Women who have full lips look younger, according to a new study which claims that an impressive pout is a vital part of natural beauty.Researchers at Unilever found that women with big smackers have a more youthful appearance than those with thin li
  • Natural hair care: Frizz can be controlled

    Posted on Jan, 11 2010 Getting the right natural shampoo and taking care of your locks is vital in the fight against the frizz, according to one newspaper.The Sun reported on the problems which some people face when trying to control their locks and advised that women sho

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