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Monthly Archives: March 2010

  • Heavy metal look could be good natural makeup alternative

    Posted on Mar, 31 2010 Fans of natural makeup could be inspired by a new trend which is becoming more popular, according to one magazine, which said that it could be an alternative to the smoky eye look.Grazia recommended the metallic look and said that movie stars such a
  • Staying hydrated will help with natural beauty

    Posted on Mar, 31 2010 Following simple natural skin care tips can help women to enjoy the summer and get a really great complexion, according to one expert.The Hindustan Times' Riddhima Kapoor Sahni reported on the options that are open to women who want to try and retai
  • Natural makeup brushes can help with application

    Posted on Mar, 30 2010 Women investing in natural makeup should ensure that they consider buying a brush to apply their products, because according to one expert they help with application.Allure magazine reported on the accessory and recommended that people take care of
  • Organic skin care products 'can change your life'

    Posted on Mar, 29 2010 Choosing the right kind of organic skin care products can have a huge bearing on the outcome of your life, according to one website, which stated that numerous researchers have suggested this is the reported that billions of pounds ar
  • Natural beauty is made easy with 'messy dressy' style

    Posted on Mar, 29 2010 Fans of natural hair care looking for trendy look should opt for the fashionable 'messy dressy' style, according to one newspaper, which said that it dominated the spring catwalks.The Sun reported that hair which was not over styled and makeup that
  • Natural beauty: Moisture is vital for dealing with stretch marks

    Posted on Mar, 26 2010 Fans of organic moisturiser are likely to face the problem of stretch marks at some point in their life, according to one newspaper, which said the key to dealing with the problem is moisturising.The Sun spoke to Patrick Bowler, medical director of
  • Natural foods can help with health

    Posted on Mar, 26 2010 Fans of natural skin care who want to find some alternative remedies to over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions could be inspired by an ethnobotanist who thinks herbs could be the answer.The Independent spoke to James Wong, the 28-year-old presente
  • Earth Day and natural beauty could go hand in hand

    Posted on Mar, 25 2010 Fans of natural skin care celebrating Earth Day could use the event to focus on how they can reduce their impact on the environment.The event, which is held on April 22nd, is in its 40th year and started with 20 million Americans protesting about th
  • Five superfoods can buoy natural beauty

    Posted on Mar, 25 2010 The old adage that the key to natural beauty is a good diet is not just hot air, according to one reported that five superfoods can make a difference to a complexion and said things like as oats and watercress are vital for gl

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