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Monthly Archives: July 2010

  • Megan Fox showcases natural beauty

    Posted on Jul, 30 2010 Megan Fox, the star of Transformers and Jennifer's Body, has stepped out and shown the world just how much natural beauty she possesses, without makeup.The star strolled leisurely with her new husband, Brian Green, recently whilst they look for some
  • Rose is "therapeutic for natural beauty"

    Posted on Jul, 29 2010 Women looking for new ways to enhance their natural beauty should consider roses, according to an expert, who believes the flower has healing powers and is great for the skin.Camille Goutal, daughter of the world-renowned French perfumer Annick Gout
  • Take the plunge with your hair this summer

    Posted on Jul, 29 2010 This summer is all about the hair and much to the delight of many fashionistas, there has been an influx of different trends and colours to choose from to help them stand out from the crowd.However, picking between the different options can be tough
  • Natural hair care: Scarlett Johansson leads in style stakes

    Posted on Jul, 28 2010 Scarlett Johansson, a leading authority when it comes to fashion, makeup or organic hair care styles, has given us all inspiration by chopping off her locks in favour of a tousled bob.The star of Iron Man 2 and The Island showcased her new look when
  • Straight in is for natural hair care fans

    Posted on Jul, 27 2010 Women who want to show off their natural beauty have been told that straight hair is going to be this autumn's fashion trend.Ted Gibson, a natural hair care styling expert, recently told that the summer look of tousled, air-dried beach wave
  • Expert: Opt for non-alkaline natural skin care products

    Posted on Jul, 26 2010 The importance of natural skin care has been highlighted by an expert who has warned of the effects that alkaline soaps can have on the skin.Remmy Diagbare, writing for the Vanguard, has highlighted the fact that many of these soaps can actually str
  • Shea based products could offer protective natural hair care

    Posted on Jul, 23 2010 Women looking to protect their hair from the summer sun should keep an eye out for shea based organic hair care has recommended readers opt for a shea-packed hair product to style their tresses this summer, as it is a n
  • English ivy could revolutionise natural sunscreen

    Posted on Jul, 21 2010 The protection provided by natural sunscreen could benefit from a recent breakthrough by a professor at the University of Tennessee.Mingjun Zhang and his research team discovered that ivy nanoparticles could be four times more effective than metal-b
  • Natural beauty products could face self-regulation from shops

    Posted on Jul, 20 2010 The natural beauty market, including name brands, could see some products disappearing if retailers choose to follow the example of one US store.Whole Foods Market recently unveiled policy changes which dictate that, from June 2011, any organic labe
  • Natural beauty at its best when 31

    Posted on Jul, 19 2010 A new study has revealed that the age where women are considered to be at their most beautiful is around 31.The research conducted by shopping channel QVC, polled 2,000 people and found that 31 is the age where women are considered to be at the peak

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