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Monthly Archives: February 2012

  • Going bare-faced makes 44% of women insecure, report finds

    Posted on Feb, 29 2012 A new survey has revealed 44 per cent of women feel insecure when they are bare faced.Research conducted by the Renfrew Center Foundation found nearly half of all females are uncomfortable wiping away their cosmetics and stepping outside without war
  • Tips for boosting hair health

    Posted on Feb, 29 2012 Ladies who prefer to use natural hair care products to keep their locks in good condition may want to try home remedies for boosting shine.There are a range of treatments made using products found in the kitchen that can help people to give their tr
  • Organic cosmetics important for natural beauty, expert claims

    Posted on Feb, 28 2012 Using organic cosmetics to achieve this season's latest beauty trends has been described as the best way to keep the body healthy.Liz Thompson, founder and editor of and writer for, explained how the ski
  • Cleansing the skin said to be the key to healthy complexions

    Posted on Feb, 28 2012 Ladies have been advised investing in a good-quality cleanser is more important than a great moisturiser.This is according to health and beauty expert Jane Druker, who described how to care for skin during the winter months.She claimed that fluctuat
  • Detox the body with herbal teas, expert recommends

    Posted on Feb, 28 2012 Superfoods may not be the only way to help boost health, as one expert has claimed herbal teas can have positive properties for the body.Herbalist and nutritional therapist Andrew Johnson explained how drinking such fluids is a good way to detox and
  • Expert provides tips on protecting skin in winter

    Posted on Feb, 27 2012 Using plenty of moisturiser during the winter months is not the only way to keep skin protected from the elements.Kimberley Carter of the British Association of Dermatologists explained that what people wear is also important in helping to keep a co
  • Pregnant women warned about traditional hair dyes

    Posted on Feb, 27 2012 Certain types of food are not the only thing expectant mothers have to avoid, with many beauty products and treatments also advised against.While, steering clear of alcohol and favourite meals may prove a simple enough task for ladies, sacrificing a
  • Tips on removing excess makeup

    Posted on Feb, 24 2012 It is possible to remove excess makeup without reaching for the cleanser and stripping off all cosmetics and starting again.This is according to an article featured on BoldSky, which provided tips on how to tone down beauty looks in a few simple ste
  • Fake tan 'the safest way to achieve a bronzed look'

    Posted on Feb, 24 2012 Using fake tan products is a far healthier way to achieve a sun-kissed glow compared with exposing skin to damaging UV rays.This is according to Kimberley Carter of the British Association of Dermatologists, who explained how such products can achie

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