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Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • Ageing process 'is a whole face dilemma'

    Posted on May, 31 2012 As people get older the signs rapidly begin to show around the body, and nowhere shows the signs more than on your face.From wrinkles to crow's feet and laughter lines to frown furrows, it depends on your face as to where it will age most.But wh
  • Organic beauty products 'have moral high ground'

    Posted on May, 30 2012 Organic beauty products are becoming more popular with people and can be even more effective than many more regular offerings.Alice Hart Davis, creator of, claims that they smell "wonderful" thanks to "a high
  • 5 steps to hydrated summer skin

    Posted on May, 30 2012 This past week the sun has been out in force, encouraging everyone to spend more time outside.But while the rise in temperature and increase in sunshine is definitely welcomed, it poses hazards for your skin as it struggles to stay hydrated.Thankful
  • Cocoa beans 'have most antioxidants' out of all natural foods

    Posted on May, 29 2012 Many of the world's healthiest foods also make great organic beauty ingredients in their purest form. This is true of cocoa, as "in its natural form of cocoa beans, chocolate has more antioxidants than any other natural food on the planet&
  • Lifestyles 'reflect onto the skin'

    Posted on May, 28 2012 The lifestyle you choose could have the potential to play a huge part in how your skin looks and feels.Beauty expert Zara Stone Rabinowicz claims: "Our lifestyle can often be seen on our skin, as factors such as exercise and bad diet all get di
  • Could organic skincare aid acne treatment?

    Posted on May, 25 2012 Acne comes in two forms, acne vulgaris and acne rosacea.The first is more difficult to treat and is associated with adolescent hormones.Thomas Mueller, ayurvedic practitioner and member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association, claims that it can
  • Preventing the possibility of fungal feet infections

    Posted on May, 23 2012 During the warmer months many people will be excited to expose their feet again, wearing sandals and going shoeless on holiday.However, feet tend to not get as much TLC as the rest of the body, largely because they are generally left covered up for
  • Kimberly Wyatt discusses importance of organic makeup

    Posted on May, 21 2012 While the Pussycat Dolls star Kimberly Wyatt may not spring to mind as an ambassador of natural beauty she is certainly trying to ensure everyone knows her stance on organic makeup.The singer and dancer told BANG Showbiz that after learning about th

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