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Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • Finding a skincare routine that works

    Posted on May, 18 2012 Skincare should be about creating and adhering to a routine that works for you.But whether you always stick to one line of organic skincare products or not, there are basic components which can help everyone.This is according to Liz Thompson, founde
  • Christine Taylor embraces organic beauty products

    Posted on May, 17 2012 Actress Christine Taylor has opened up about how she prefers to avoid chemicals and instead opt for organic beauty products and cosmetics.The Dodgeball and Zoolander star told People magazine that since becoming a mother she switched to all-natural
  • Scientists warn of 'harmful' sun cream chemicals

    Posted on May, 16 2012 Scientists have warned of the use of potentially harmful chemical ingredients in sun creams.According to the 2012 Sunscreen Guide only 25 per cent of 800 sun creams tested in the US were shown to be effective at protecting the skin, with 56 per cent
  • Tackling problem skin

    Posted on May, 15 2012 Acne affects a large proportion of us and has the power to crush confidence and lower self-esteem.The teenage stereotype has long disappeared and it is now fully realised that adults too can be prone to blemishes and problem skin - take celebrities
  • Young people 'unaware of sun damage risks'

    Posted on May, 14 2012 Scientists are worrying that warnings about the risk of sun damage and skin cancer are not being listened to.Half of US adults under 30 admit to being sunburnt at least once in the past year, a government survey reveals, suggesting that warnings are
  • Eye area benefits from a rich moisturiser

    Posted on May, 11 2012 The area around the eye is a notoriously problemsome part of the face and can be prone to puffiness, dark circles and bags, especially as the skin ages.However, there are ways to reduce the impact of ageing.Beauty expert Zara Stone Rabinowicz claims
  • Superfoods great at creating healthy dining experience

    Posted on May, 10 2012 So-called superfoods are well known for their health benefits, but they can also be brilliant ingredients for sprucing up a dinner party or special occasion.Fans of organic food will no doubt be familiar with these nutritious ingredients, however th
  • Organic cosmetic preservatives 'gaining acceptance'

    Posted on May, 09 2012 Alternative preservation systems using natural and organic ingredients are becoming more accepted by the cosmetics industry.This is according to the new Technical Insights report from Organic Monitor entitled Paraben-Free Preservative Systems for Co
  • Miranda Kerr advocates natural skincare solutions

    Posted on May, 08 2012 Miranda Kerr is well-known for her supermodel good looks, although little had been revealed as to what beauty products she was using to achieve such radiance.In a recent interview with Bella Sugar TV she claimed that the secret to her beauty was usi
  • Body brushing 'great for removing dry skin'

    Posted on May, 04 2012 Dry skin sufferers may be keen to use all-over moisturisers to help hydrate and rejuvenate, however some gentle exfoliation beforehand could make it all the more effective.As well as using an exfoliator, Alice Hart-Davis, creator of www.goodthingsbe

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