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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • Men 'becoming more interested in beauty products'

    Posted on Jun, 29 2012 Most men are no stranger to beauty products, but it seems that as sales grow they're even starting to buy up cosmetics, skincare and haircare aimed at women.A new survey from HauteLook has shown that the number of men buying such items from the
  • Darcey Bussell reveals tricks to natural beauty

    Posted on Jun, 29 2012 Ballerina Darcey Bussell is used to keeping herself in good shape, with poise and impeccable natural beauty - but apart from dancing what is her secret?In an interview with the Daily Mail, the new Strictly Come Dancing judge revealed that in order t
  • Avoiding summer skin breakouts

    Posted on Jun, 28 2012 Keeping your skin clear during the summer months can be difficult, with an increase in heat and humidity threatening to clog up pores.Dr Martin Schiele explained to Female First that when it comes to controlling breakouts or acne at this time of yea
  • How to achieve wedding wonderful skin

    Posted on Jun, 28 2012 With summer wedding season already here, many brides will be preparing for their big day.One thing brides want to make sure of is that they're going to look picture perfect at the wedding, which involves having smooth and blemish free skin.In or
  • Top holiday haircare tips

    Posted on Jun, 28 2012 Whilst on holiday your haircare needs change, meaning your routine and product range may need to adapt.Celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill, who has styled the tresses of stars such as Fearne Cotton, Holly Willoughby and Kate Hudson, claims that there ar
  • Natural ways to combat hay fever season

    Posted on Jun, 27 2012 Hay fever season is already in full swing, tempting many people to dig out tablets from the back of the medicine cabinet.But while many of these are proved to be effective, you need not rely on chemicals to get you through this testing time.Symptoms
  • Keeping pets safe with organic products

    Posted on Jun, 26 2012 Organic beauty products are not only beneficial to humans, but also animals.When opting to ditch chemicals it makes sense to commit to this lifestyle change, allowing pets to also feel the positives of natural ingredients.Organic Formulations Organi
  • How to reduce the appearance of cellulite

    Posted on Jun, 25 2012 Cellulite is a problem for many, largely because it can be difficult to avoid and very stubborn to get rid of.Some 95 per cent of women suffer from it, according to The Private Clinic of Harley Street, and it affects people of all ages, shapes and s
  • How to detox your skin for summer

    Posted on Jun, 25 2012 Our skin bears the brunt of our lifestyles. If we look after it then it should reward us by looking healthy and smooth, both of which are much sought after attributes going into the summer months.Clear, radiant skin can be a sign of a healthy and to
  • Massage 'great for reducing stress'

    Posted on Jun, 22 2012 Massaging is used both recreationally and medically as a way to both reduce stress, aid relaxation and calm pain.Leslie McDowell, massage therapist at CaloSpa claims that massage can be addressed to each person's specific needs and has many bene

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