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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Skincare tips for athletes

    Posted on Jul, 31 2012 It doesn't matter whether your sporting prowess is up to the Olympic standard or not, if you fail to look after your body then your exercise routine could be damaging your skin.With all that sweating and a higher possibility of chafing and irrit
  • Stress leads to rise in skincare conditions

    Posted on Jul, 30 2012 While hormones and lifestyle can have a huge effect on skin, stress is also a major trigger for problems.A new study from the British Skin Foundation (BSF) claims that a rise in eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions could be linked to the rece
  • Tanning alone 'no substitute' for sunscreen

    Posted on Jul, 26 2012 Getting a tan is no substitute for a sunscreen for protecting your skin from premature ageing. There is "very little added protection" from having a tan, according to the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) Kimberly Carter. She e
  • How can sleep improve your skin?

    Posted on Jul, 25 2012 During hotter weather people are more likely to suffer from disrupted sleep, as warm temperatures make it harder to nod off.But if you want radiant summer skin, getting an absolute minimum of six hours sleep a night is essential.Marianne Davey, dire
  • Welcome the sunshine with radiant skin

    Posted on Jul, 24 2012 With better weather comes skincare problems, but how can you reduce the impacts of sun damage.Miguel Toribio-Mateas, a leading nutritionist and advisor to Astral, claimed that by today's standards being tanned "is associated with being more
  • European skincare market seeing rapid growth

    Posted on Jul, 24 2012 The European skincare market is witnessing a rise in demand for professional treatments.New figures show that there has been a four per cent growth in professional skincare treatment sales since 2011, as it begins to near pre-recessionary peak level
  • The importance of aloe vera in skincare

    Posted on Jul, 23 2012 Aloe vera is used in many organic skincare products and has been used to smooth and improve skin for thousands of years, but what's so good about this essential oil?Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain told the Times of India that this versatile plant w
  • How to combat sensitive skin

    Posted on Jul, 20 2012 Sensitive skin is characterised as being easily irritated and quick to become inflamed.It is most often caused by genetics, hormonal imbalances and environmental factors such as temperature or pollution levels. However, using the wrong skincare prod
  • Protecting coloured hair this summer

    Posted on Jul, 20 2012 As the sun heats up your hair it can become damaged, especially if it has been coloured recently.The sun and heat can sabotage dyed hair, however, claims there are ways to defend against these problems.Firstly, you'll need to c

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