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Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • Skincare tips for mature skin

    Posted on Aug, 31 2012 As we age our skin changes, meaning it's sensible to adapt our skincare routines.By the time you hit your 40s, chances are your skin will have become a little drier and you will have experienced a loss of firmness. Fine lines and wrinkles will a
  • Ireland prepares for National Organic Week

    Posted on Aug, 31 2012 Ireland is preparing to celebrate all things natural with National Organic Week.Taking place from September 10th to 16th, the event is organised by Bord Bia and funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine.It aims to celebrate the work b
  • Men 'should use shampoo to suit hair type'

    Posted on Aug, 30 2012 Many men are unconcerned as to what haircare products they use, instead favouring what's available, which is usually their partner's shampoo and conditioner.Aside from annoying your partner, Auckland trichologist Nigel Russell claims that us
  • Haircare is 'much like gardening'

    Posted on Aug, 29 2012 Haircare should be treated as a pastime, much like gardening, according to an expert.Jyoti Lalwani, chief dietician at Mahim's PD Hinduja Hospital in India, explained that nutritionists and doctors see that hair which is in a good condition is i
  • Moisturisers 'essential going into autumn'

    Posted on Aug, 29 2012 During the summer the skin is exposed to much drier conditions, leaving it often feeling dull and looking sallow. While big brands might offer outstanding claims, Dr Susan Austin, a leading cosmetic physician, claims that it's often the simples
  • Healthy eating tips to reduce acne outbreaks

    Posted on Aug, 28 2012 Acne is largely hormonal, however lifestyle choices can play a huge part in the condition of your skin.Speaking to, naturopath Saimaa Miller explained that certain foods can contribute to blemishes, while others can reduce the incidences
  • Top 5 natural moisturisers

    Posted on Aug, 24 2012 After arriving back from holiday you're skin might feel tired, dry and taut, especially as the weather begins to cool down going into September.But there are many natural moisturisers you can try to get your skin back on track, feeling soft, sup
  • Nourish your skin with the right foods

    Posted on Aug, 23 2012 To nourish the skin and achieve a healthy glow it is essential to receive enough vitamins and nutrients.This can be achieved by eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, with the fibre helping to keep bowels functioning normally and excreting t
  • Quarter of people 'risking skin damage by not using sunscreen'

    Posted on Aug, 22 2012 A new survey has revealed that a shocking number of people could be risking skin damage this summer in order to get a tan.More than a quarter of people have not used any form of sunscreen this season, with 34 per cent admitting that they never or ra
  • Lipstick chemicals 'could seriously harm health'

    Posted on Aug, 21 2012 While lipstick may be a staple in many women's makeup bags, new research has shown that that it could contain a host of potentially harmful chemicals.Concerns are growing about links to hormone disruption, heavy metal poisoning, muscle problems

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