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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Cleansing 'is most important skincare step'

    Posted on Feb, 28 2013 After a busy day it's easy to forget to cleanse your face, however it is essential that you make time to do this.Speaking to Mail Online, facialist Sarah Chapman claims that this is the most important part of your skincare routine, and after onl
  • What are the benefits of coconut oil?

    Posted on Feb, 27 2013 Coconut oil is one of the top ingredients in organic skincare and haircare products, but just what makes it so special?It's filled with vitamins and fatty acids, as well as antimicrobial properties, which means not only can it be a great nourish
  • Facialist offers A-list skincare secrets

    Posted on Feb, 27 2013 Ahead of any special occasion or important event you want to look your best.Whether it is a birthday party, wedding or even a red carpet do, you'll want to ensure that your complexion is radiant and glowing.Nichola Joss, a highly regarded celebr
  • Natural skin care products proving popular

    Posted on Feb, 26 2013 More women are choosing natural skin care products over alternatives currently available on the market, if new research is anything to go on. Natural beauty company St.Grape carried out a study in which it tested the top four products in various ca
  • Combating common hair problems

    Posted on Feb, 26 2013 We all have hair problems, whether it's greasy locks, dry tresses or thinning.But, while many of these may be natural, there are ways to minimise such issues.Speaking to IANs, Dr D.M. Mahajan, dermatologist at Delhi's Apollo Hospital, explai
  • Key makeup looks for spring

    Posted on Feb, 25 2013 Makeup is going back to basics this season, as women look to create classic looks. Veronique Henderson, director of Colour Me Beautiful, said that people are looking for a "long-lasting look which will take busy women from morning to evening,&
  • Top diet tips for your skin

    Posted on Feb, 22 2013 When it comes to achieving healthy skin with a beautiful natural glow, of course your skincare products are important but so is your diet.Danielle Gill, a ProSkin expert, told Yahoo! Lifestyle that some foods are known to either improve or worsen th
  • Natural skincare products 'protect the body from harmful ingredients'

    Posted on Feb, 21 2013 Natural skincare products can protect the body from harmful ingredients, according to an international makeup artist and consultant.Julia Francis, from, said: "I can't advocate highly enough the use of natural products ov
  • Hair dye chemicals 'linked to health risks'

    Posted on Feb, 20 2013 Chemicals found in hair dyes have been linked to serious health risks such as cancer, according to a new scientific study.Leeds-based firm Green Chemicals has conducted a review of the chemicals in permanent hair dyes and found that they can react w
  • Quick tips for a natural glow

    Posted on Feb, 19 2013 Achieving a natural glow can be relatively simple if you follow a few easy skincare tips.Speaking to Times of India, Dr Navin Taneja, director of the National Skin Center, recommended always using sunscreen when outside and avoiding exposure in the

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