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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • Emma Stone 'always chooses natural oils'

    Posted on Apr, 30 2013 Emma Stone has long been a fan of organic skincare solutions and according to a recent interview sheonly uses natural oils on her face.Speaking to US Vogue magazine she said: "I'm allergic to everything so I just use extra virgin olive
  • Chemical toners 'can cause skin irritation'

    Posted on Apr, 29 2013 Toners are fast becoming an essential skincare product, helping people to remove the last traces of dirt and grime, closing pores and leaving skin looking and feeling radiant.According to new figures from Mintel, one-in-five of us users toners
  • The power of pomegranates

    Posted on Apr, 26 2013 Pomegranates are known as a superfood thanks to their numerous vitamins and nutrients. These tasty fruits have a unique sweet and juicy flavour and come loaded with health promoting characteristics, as well as a whole host of brilliant beauty benefi
  • Protect yourself 'at home and abroad' from sun damage

    Posted on Apr, 25 2013 Protecting yourself against harmful UVA and UVB rays is something everyone should do whether they are at home or on holiday. This is the advice of Hermione Lawson of the British Skin Foundation, who explained that during the summer months the UV in
  • Heather Graham reveals she is a big fan of massage

    Posted on Apr, 25 2013 If you've ever looked at Heather Graham and thought she appears relaxed, then it could be because she has recently indulged in a massage. The actress has told OK! magazine that she has really got into pampering herself, even if it means spe
  • Gwyneth Paltrow discusses beauty regime after ultimate accolade from People

    Posted on Apr, 25 2013 It's no doubt a very tall order to come up with a list of the world's most beautiful women, but US magazine People has done it once again for 2013 - and Gwyneth Paltrow has taken the top spot.Lasts year's title went to singer and all-rou
  • Spring skincare for rosacea sufferers

    Posted on Apr, 23 2013 Spring can be a challenging time for rosacea patients, as it is often aggravated by increased sun, wind exposure, outdoor activity and temperature changes.The National Roseacea Society (NRS) in the US claims that despite the high number of flare-up
  • Beauty trends for summer 2013

    Posted on Apr, 22 2013 Warm weather has returned, but how will the onset of summer affect your beauty routine? Makeup artist Laura Jane Sessions from, claims that there are a few quirky trends to be aware of this season, including bejewelled makeu
  • Anna Friel recommends Trilogy skincare

    Posted on Apr, 19 2013 Anna Friel has revealed her tips for looking youthful and feeling radiant.The 36-year-old actress told Grazia that she has been drinking up to 12 cups of a steaming hot cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice, as part of a detox.She joked to the
  • The dangers of wearing makeup while exercising

    Posted on Apr, 18 2013 When exercising in the gym or a public place many women choose to wear makeup to give them a confidence boost while working out.A new survey from shows that 29 per cent apply cosmetics to make them feel good at the gym

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