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Monthly Archives: May 2013

  • How to protect your hair this summer

    Posted on May, 31 2013 Summer can bring many haircare obstacles, from hot, dry weather to an increased exposure to sun, chlorine and salt water.But, rather than letting your locks become dull and dry, there are many ways you can protect your hair, leaving it soft, lustrou
  • Haircare tips for the summer season

    Posted on May, 30 2013 The spring-summer season can be a difficult time to care for your hair, however failing to do so can leave it dry, damaged and frizzy.Speaking to Huffington Post, stylist and salon owner Mario Russo advises applying a deep conditioner to wet hair an
  • How to stay healthy in the office

    Posted on May, 30 2013 Long hours, poor eating habits and soaring stress levels are all things you can expect from a workplace.But, what few people realise is that they could be having a detrimental effect on your health.A new study from snack firm, Dole Live Right shows
  • Dita Von Teese reveals vintage makeup tips

    Posted on May, 29 2013 Dita Von Teese is famed for her impeccable vintage style, especially when it comes to her hair and makeup.Speaking to French fashion website Pure Trend she revealed her top tips for creating a retro look.She explained that alabaster skin i
  • Liv Tyler admits to being a beauty buff

    Posted on May, 28 2013 Liv Tyler is known for her fresh-faced complexion and it seems that she owes this to her keen interest in all things beauty-related.Speaking to, she said: "I'm obsessed with beauty - seriously, one of my dreams is to w
  • Jessica Alba shares natural makeup tips

    Posted on May, 28 2013 Jessica Alba is often heard talking about living an eco-friendly existence, and one of her favourite ways to do this is with natural beauty products.She told "A lot of the makeup we put on our faces is filled with toxins. The goo
  • Picture perfect wedding skin

    Posted on May, 24 2013 As you approach your wedding day, skincare should be of high priority if you want to ensure you stay looking picture perfect all day long.This is according to renowned dermatologist Dr Jody Levine, who thinks that brides should start paying more att
  • Healthy makeup application tips

    Posted on May, 23 2013 While many people apply makeup to their face and other skincare products with our fingers for ease of use, it could actually be causing problems.Fingers harbour bacteria and by applying cosmetics in this way such bacteria can be transferred on to th
  • Kate Moss reveals skincare secret

    Posted on May, 22 2013 As an international supermodel, Kate Moss must make sure that her skin is always in fantastic condition.And while she does enjoy using a variety of products within her beauty routine, she enjoys natural skincare solutions to help revitalise her comp
  • Bridal makeup tips for spring-summer

    Posted on May, 21 2013 The spring-summer season is a popular time for weddings, and as your big day approaches it's important to consider the final details, such as your makeup.It's essential that it complements your outfit and personality, and adds a to

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