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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • Male model reveals skincare secrets

    Posted on Sep, 30 2013 Models are famed for their picture-perfect skin and natural beauty, providing the perfect background for makeup and fashion.However, behind the scenes models are required to take a lot of care over their skin in order to avoid suffering breakouts, d
  • 5 tips for a healthy mouth

    Posted on Sep, 27 2013 Achieving a healthy mouth is something many of us see as a priority, but in reality are we following the right steps to achieving this?Oral health is something which requires a routine, following good dental and gum habits and staying aware of how y
  • The MADARA anti-cellulite cream

    Posted on Sep, 25 2013 Cellulite can make the skin appear dimpled and lumpy, especially around the buttocks, thighs and stomach.  Most common in women, it can be a frustrating and embarrassing problem with which many people choose to cover up.The causes of cellulite
  • The Madara Time Miracle collection

    Posted on Sep, 23 2013 Fighting the signs of premature ageing needn't involve cosmetic surgery or invasive procedures.The key to reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots is to use rich, nourishing moisturisers such as the MADARA Time Miracle advan
  • Hair colour trends for autumn

    Posted on Sep, 20 2013 As we move into autumn, now is a great time to update your look and experiment with a new hair colour. This could mean anything from a multi-tonal set of highlights or a permanent colour in a vibrant shade which is guaranteed to get you noticed.Ther
  • The importance of cleaning your makeup bag

    Posted on Sep, 19 2013 Look inside most women's handbags and you will no doubt find a menagerie of makeup, purses, accessories and all manner of everyday items.But what many ladies won't realise is the bacteria that could be living in their bags, especially in and
  • Kimberley Walsh ‘relies on daily moisturising’

    Posted on Sep, 17 2013 Kimberley Walsh is well known for her glowing complexion and it seems that she owes this all to her daily skincare routine.The Girls Aloud singer admitted this week that she cannot appear in public without moisturising her entire body.She told the D
  • How to achieve year-long radiant skin

    Posted on Sep, 17 2013 Radiant skin is a big trend for summer, but there are ways to achieve it all year round with the help of skincare products and a little makeup.Expert makeup artist Caroline Barnes told the Express that fresh, flawless and luminous skin wil
  • Mandy Moore 'relies on coconut oil'

    Posted on Sep, 17 2013 Mandy Moore is famed for her youthful and radiant looking skin, something she attributes to her natural skincare choices.The actress told People magazine this week that she is a huge fan of using coconut oil in order to boost hydration and give her
  • How to get the perfect pout

    Posted on Sep, 17 2013 The perfect pout is something many women strive for, and it needn't be difficult to achieve if you follow a simple routine.To begin you will need to exfoliate your lips. The best way to do this is with an old toothbrush, moving it gently in circ

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