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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Natalie Portman goes sleek and simple

    Posted on Oct, 31 2013 While volume and texture are popular choices when it comes to hair styling, recently a host of sleek looks have taken to the red carpet.Starlets like Natalie Portman have been seen sporting smooth ponytails, displaying the amazing condition of
  • Avoid winter skin with natural moisturisers

    Posted on Oct, 29 2013 Winter brings with it a number of problems, from bad weather to feeling tired due to darker days. While you may not be able to avoid some of the issues that the colder weather brings, you can avoid dry winter skin by using the right natural moisturi
  • How to combat premature hair ageing

    Posted on Oct, 25 2013 While we can't override the ageing process, there are many ways in which you can slow it down or prevent it from happening prematurely. Anti-ageing products have been used for many years to nourish the skin and improve elasticity, reducing the a
  • Good skin guide for men

    Posted on Oct, 18 2013 Skincare is often seen as something only women worry about, but more and more men are beginning to reap the benefits of spending a little more time on their complexion.Regular shaving means that men’s skin is likely to go through a lot more st
  • Vitamin E: Your skin saviour

    Posted on Oct, 17 2013 There are few ingredients as important to your natural skincare regime as vitamin E.After first entering the beauty arena in the ‘60s they are now an established part of many natural skincare products, helping to boost cellular renewal, revers
  • Natural shampoos 'best for babies'

    Posted on Oct, 15 2013 As a parent it can be difficult to find skincare products and shampoo which is right for your baby or child, especially when there are so many toiletries featuring TV characters and bright colours aimed at a young audience.But rather than buying the
  • Honey: The golden secret of natural skincare

    Posted on Oct, 11 2013 There are some ingredients which are so versatile in their uses that it's a wonder they're not used in everything. Tea tree oil, shea butter and jojoba oil are all great examples of this but few quite have the same level of benefits as natur
  • MI allergic reaction prompts skincare chemical questions

    Posted on Oct, 09 2013 A fresh debate has been sparked about the safety of chemical preservatives in skincare products after a woman using anti-wrinkle creams suffered an extreme allergic reaction.Following the use of anti-ageing products Marlene Corrall from Leicestershi
  • Sensitive skincare tips

    Posted on Oct, 07 2013 Skincare is a very personal daily pursuit, and it can be made all the more difficult if you have a sensitive complexion.People with sensitive skin have to take extra care over the products they are using and be aware of how the weather and their lif

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