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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Teenage kicks - problem skin

    Posted on Feb, 26 2014 Inbetweeners Teenage years are all about fun, discovery, that landing board between child and adult. Teenage times should be a lovely memory making time - and times to be treasured. But for your hormonal teen, these times can be angst ridden, and ski
  • Family matters - natural products for everyone

    Posted on Feb, 19 2014 Other options When one thinks of beauty products, natural or otherwise, one automatically thinks of the female form. That sounds a bit uptight, but it's true, isn't it? Most advertising is geared at women, apart from a few testosterone packed male ai
  • Detox? Don't forget your make-up bag too!

    Posted on Feb, 18 2014 Spring clean The weather is just awful. But spring WILL be here - eventually! So along with that detox diet, have a go at carrying the theme through your life. If you really have to stay indoors, then use the free time to spring-clean the house, usin
  • Wellbeing: The event of the year

    Posted on Feb, 17 2014 Wellbeing event Sometimes, an event takes place that you just know is going to be remembered all year long. So if you already have your ticket for the 'It's a Beautiful Life Soirée' at the fabulous, sustainable and trés chic Bingham boutique hotel
  • Think pink...and red, with love

    Posted on Feb, 13 2014 Hearts and flowers, lovers please note, Cupid is almost here! Tomorrow, of course, is St Valentine's Day - what will you receive? Even if the postie fails to show, we've got something for you - to show we still care...aaah We're blushing here at Mypu
  • When Alison met Camila

    Posted on Feb, 12 2014 At Mypure, we like to work closely with like-minded folk, and we were delighted to make the recent aquaintance of the lovely Alison Jane Reid, founder and editor of the Ethical Hedonist online magazine - read more about it by clicking here. Alison Ja
  • Be a Mypure Valentine - here's how!

    Posted on Feb, 06 2014 With Valentine's day just around the corner, love is in the air. How much nicer would it be for your loved one to receive a wonderful natural beauty gift instead of - or as well as! -  some flowers. That's a hint chaps. :) So come on, guys, sweep he

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