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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • Chocolate and perfume? A Hedonistic mix!

    Posted on Mar, 20 2014 Hedonistic pleasure Define Hedonist. Actually, define Ethical Hedonist. Ethical hedonism is the idea that all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them. Ethical hedonism is reput
  • Bloggers Fashion Week

    Posted on Mar, 20 2014 SOUND THE SIREN - CALLING ALL BLOGGERS! Beauty bloggers and fashion bloggers are some of the most influential folk in the industry. Hot on the heels of Fashion Week comes the event of the year for bloggers to unite. The Venue?   Bloggers Fashion
  • A Time Miracle? And a winner!

    Posted on Mar, 14 2014 A winning formula Oscars and awards, it's that time of year isn't it? Red carpets were rolled out for the rich and famous, and also for us and our winning formula at the 2014 Natural Health Awards. We took 1st place with style, and are excited to tel
  • Nuts about Coconut - and other nutty products!

    Posted on Mar, 12 2014 Now then - have you seen our NEW product range? It's called NOW. It's a bit nutty, well, a lot nutty really.  It's so good for your skin, and you too, have a good look around... We know already that nuts are good for us and there seems to be somethi
  • Do you scrub up well?

    Posted on Mar, 10 2014 Scrub up - a basecoat Well, do you? We're not talking about getting dressed up, we're talking about the skin you're in. After all, would you paint a door without preparing the woodwork first? The same goes for your best asset, your skin. Before apply
  • Metallic shine

    Posted on Mar, 09 2014 Fashion week Have you been keeping an eye on the various fashion weeks? Some of those styles are simply outrageous, but a stylist will tell us that the rules are not to follow the designs, just to take a hint from the general look, line and length. A
  • A promise for Lent

    Posted on Mar, 05 2014 Promise? Today sees the start of Lent - that period of fasting and giving up on some of the good things in life until Easter. It doesn't have to have religious significance - sometimes it's just a good chance to change a few things for a relatively s
  • Smile! - an Oscar winning smile

    Posted on Mar, 03 2014 Oscar winners The 2014/86th Academy Awards shone brightly last night, the great and the good of Hollywood flaunted their stylish clothes, posh frocks and bright smiles for the fans, the paparazzi lens and the TV cameras. All the gliterati showed up t

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