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  • Top 3 Mother's Day Gifts

    Posted on Mar, 03 2015 With Mother's Day fast approaching - 15th March in the UK - it's high time to think of a gift for the most special lady in our lives.  Mypure Natural Beauty have been busy putting together ideas for Mother's Day on their Pinterest page - have you ta
  • 5 Best Natural Products for Winter

    Posted on Nov, 07 2014 There's a chill in the air. Jack Frost has sneaked in and slipped under every door and around every corner. The heating has gone up a notch or two - and the woolies are firmly out of storage...Brrr. So we've changed our wardrobe around and dragged ou
  • Think pink...and red, with love

    Posted on Feb, 13 2014 Hearts and flowers, lovers please note, Cupid is almost here! Tomorrow, of course, is St Valentine's Day - what will you receive? Even if the postie fails to show, we've got something for you - to show we still care...aaah We're blushing here at Mypu
  • Young and beautiful? Easy with anti-ageing natural products!

    Posted on Jan, 30 2014 Youth. Chasing it can be a bit obsessive. Today, with all of these Facebook groups bringing long lost friends and workmates together, sometimes after a whole generation or more, everyone wants to be -  at the very least! -  recognised. Turning back
  • That Christmas Glow - in 5 Steps

    Posted on Dec, 12 2013 So you want to shine as brightly as the Christmas tree, and look the best at the office party. Who doesn't? Grab the limelight and shine on with our 5 top tips in easy steps. Follow these pointers to ensure that you're the one everyone is attracted t
  • Nichole Richie praises oils in beauty regime

    Posted on Sep, 17 2013 The secret to any successful beauty regime will often come down to hydration.Are you moisturising regularly and drinking enough water each day?When working on your skin, Nicole Richie recommends using oils to help keep you looking hydrated and radia
  • Sunscreen 'important even on cloudy days'

    Posted on Apr, 10 2013 As soon as the sun comes out many people reach for the sunscreen, but in actual fact this is not the only time you should be covering up.Hermione Lawson of the British Skin Foundation claims that many forget to apply sunscreen when it is cloudy or c
  • Essential bodycare for summer breaks

    Posted on Mar, 19 2013 When packing to go on holiday it can be difficult to fit everything in, especially once you've sorted out your clothes.But you needn't compromise on beauty products, not if you stick to the essentials.A cleansing conditioner and shampoo are
  • Start wearing sunscreen

    Posted on Mar, 13 2013 Sunscreen is an important product to be used all year round, but as we head towards spring now is a great time to reintroduce it into your beauty routine if you haven't already.A great everyday product is the Balance Me Natural Protein Daily Moi
  • What are the benefits of coconut oil?

    Posted on Feb, 27 2013 Coconut oil is one of the top ingredients in organic skincare and haircare products, but just what makes it so special?It's filled with vitamins and fatty acids, as well as antimicrobial properties, which means not only can it be a great nourish

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