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  • Skin talk: Rescue me!

    Posted on Nov, 23 2015 Listen carefully to your skin - can you hear that? Cold weather, biting winds, lashing rain. Hurricane Barney has given us a taste of what to expect for the long winter ahead, and our skin doesn't like it all that much. The biggest problem is dryness
  • Busy Mums - Save Face: Make Time for Skincare

    Posted on Jul, 13 2015 Okay, we'll admit it.  The School Holidays are a bit of a bind - when it comes to time.  It's funny how the regularity of term time actually gives you more time in the day, as though someone is making a life timetable for you!  When it come to the
  • Young and beautiful? Easy with anti-ageing natural products!

    Posted on Jan, 30 2014 Youth. Chasing it can be a bit obsessive. Today, with all of these Facebook groups bringing long lost friends and workmates together, sometimes after a whole generation or more, everyone wants to be -  at the very least! -  recognised. Turning back
  • Keep hands happy in the cold

    Posted on Nov, 20 2013 Your hands often suffer from the ravages of winter. Cold and wet weather can leave them dry, chapped and - on some occasions - painful. We use our hands everyday and so, when they are damaged it can really affect day-to-day tasks. Even if you wear gl
  • Lynda Bellingham advises moisturising from a young age

    Posted on Dec, 21 2012 After many decades in the spotlight, Lynda Bellingham is well versed in maintaining smooth and supple skin, ensuring that she looks camera ready at all times.The 64-year-old actress and television presenter has enjoyed a long and successful career a
  • How can you reduce the appearance of stretch marks?

    Posted on Jun, 19 2012 Stretch marks are caused by rapid weight gain, obesity, pregnancy and even just hormones, but once they arrive they can be very difficult to get rid of.According to Louise Thomas-Minns, a skin therapist and founder of, prevention
  • Reducing the signs of ageing

    Posted on May, 01 2012 Reducing the signs of ageing is possible should you stick to a few simple skincare tricks.Dermatologist Dr Catherine Borysiewicz told the telegraph that lines from your nose to jaw line tend to occur with ageing as part of "a general loss in sk
  • Barefoot Botanicals founder offers tips for new year pampering

    Posted on Feb, 02 2010 New year's resolutions are the order of the day once we get into January, with many people deciding to go on a health kick and revitalise their beauty regime.A recent report by Mintel suggested that one of the ways people are aiming to improve their
  • Barefoot Botanicals offers top tips for winter skin health

    Posted on Nov, 16 2009 Winter can be a stressful time for many - the cold weather wreaking havoc with the skin combined with the Christmas rush makes for a trying time for our bodies.However, natural skin care products can come to the rescue and keep us feeling calm and s
  • Barefoot goes the extra mile for natural skin care

    Posted on Jul, 01 2009 The natural and organic products website has launched a new deal on a natural skin care range, which its creator says can dramatically reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and scar tissue.Barefoot Botanical's Rosa Fina range, will be on offer

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