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  • Heading to the sun? Grab this suncare offer

    Posted on Jul, 02 2016 Are you packing a bag to head off to the sunshine of somewhere else? Lucky you. Organic and natural sun creams and lotions are not always easy to come by on foreign shores, so remember to pack you own before you go. They're worth the extra cost, you
  • Spring Make Up Pt 2 - Lighter Lips

    Posted on May, 11 2016 Part one of our Spring Make Up tutorial concentrated on using tinted moisturiser rather than the heavier foundation cover we prefer in winter. Today, we're moving to lip colour, and discussing the idea that Spring means a lighter,  matt or glossier
  • 3 for 2 Offers - Just for You!

    Posted on Apr, 16 2015 A saving or offer always helps with the spending budget - even better when it's on those everyday essentials.  Cutting price doesn't mean you have to cut corners on quality though.  At Mypure Natural Beauty, we love to offer regular savings to help
  • 5 Great Gifts for Her Under £10

    Posted on Nov, 26 2014 So guys, turn off that TV and let us tell you something important. It's almost Christmas! Yes, that time of year where you can get it oh-so-wrong or perfectly right with the help of Mypure Natural Beauty. No, you don't have to spend a fortune - thoug
  • National Chocolate Week at Mypure Natural Beauty

    Posted on Oct, 13 2014 It's National Chocolate Week! So put your juicer back in the cupboard and any thoughts of a detox right out of your pretty little head... Weeks like this are what we have been waiting for - nothing like a great excuse for a little indulgence - of the
  • Hair Kindness: Hair Care

    Posted on Sep, 16 2014 Our poor hair! Summer holidays - great tan: but what about our poor hair? Chlorine, sun bleaching, salty sea water, styling products.... Autumn is well and truly here. Harsher weather, central heating, brushing and styling already damaged hair leads
  • Ask Mypure! Answers to all your natural beauty needs

    Posted on Aug, 25 2014 Ask for a solution Beauty problems. Sometimes it's hard to get a specific answer to your needs - we're all, thankfully, so different. Sure, a visit to a salon is a lovely treat, and it's great to chat with a specialist. Communication But when it come
  • Summer lovin' - natural sun protection

    Posted on Jul, 28 2014 Walking on sunshine Sunshine. It just makes us feel so much better about life to see that hot yellow ball in the sky. Feel the heat on your skin, and in your bones, and the greys of winter soon dissipate into a distant memory. And, doesn't EVERYONE l
  • Beat the blues, read your skin!

    Posted on Apr, 22 2014 Post holiday blues After a bank holiday weekend , beat the back to work blues. Read your skin instead of the broadsheets this morning and listen to what it's saying. Long weekends mean a little indulgence, usually of the wrong sort! Easter is no exce
  • Reviews and recommendations

    Posted on Apr, 11 2014 Getting a reputation As a reputable supplier of natural, green and organic beauty products, Mypure is happy to have new and everyday essential items regularly tested and tried. However, Mypure take a firm stance on animal testing of any kind - it alm

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