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  • No More Tears or Chemicals

    Posted on Mar, 11 2016 When THAT brand of Baby products announced in the New York Times that it was to remove formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane from its Baby Shampoo - that was a good thing, wasn't it? But, wait just a minute. Why on earth would you buy something that containe
  • Flash Sale!

    Posted on Oct, 12 2015 We all love to grab a true bargain - so how about a flash sale to start off the week and brighten up Monday morning - and our skin! Your favourite skincare brand Mádara is on offer at mypure natural beauty until midnight 13th October, at a whopping
  • Royal -ly Good Natural Baby Products

    Posted on May, 05 2015 Her Royal Highness Charlotte Elizabeth Diana A fitting choice for the newest young member of the royal family. Well, what do you think of the name choice?  The Windsor family welcomed their daughter this weekend, and the bookies went crazy.  The at
  • Family matters - natural products for everyone

    Posted on Feb, 19 2014 Other options When one thinks of beauty products, natural or otherwise, one automatically thinks of the female form. That sounds a bit uptight, but it's true, isn't it? Most advertising is geared at women, apart from a few testosterone packed male ai
  • Natural shampoos 'best for babies'

    Posted on Oct, 15 2013 As a parent it can be difficult to find skincare products and shampoo which is right for your baby or child, especially when there are so many toiletries featuring TV characters and bright colours aimed at a young audience.But rather than buying the
  • Jennifer Lopez discusses beauty in motherhood

    Posted on Jun, 10 2013 It's natural to think that after having a baby your body will return to normal shortly.However, Jennifer Lopez told Stylist magazine that this is not usually the case and it is important to remain patient.The mum of five-year-old twins Max and&n
  • How to protect your baby from the sun

    Posted on Apr, 16 2013 UV rays can be very harmful to adults, but as babies' skin is thinner and more vulnerable they require greater protection.Babies have less melanin in their skin than adults, meaning that they are especially at risk and need to be wearing SPF of
  • Skin-to-skin contact 'important for babies'

    Posted on Apr, 10 2013 When caring for newborn babies, skin-to-skin contact is reportedly very important.This is according to a new study from midwives of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells maternity units, which claims that parents who nurse their babies on their chest can ha
  • Skincare chemicals 'can irritate newborns skin'

    Posted on Sep, 14 2012 Chemicals in skincare products have the potential to irritate the skin of newborn babies, according to an expert.Rashes and bumps on the skin can occur a lot on newborn babies' skin and while many of these are normal, infants skin is very sensit

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