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  • Reboot your beauty for New Year

    Posted on Jan, 02 2015 New Year, New You? Resolutions, promises, changes. They're all very well, but as soon as we say diet we crave cake, as soon as we resolve to stay off the wine a party invite lands on our lap. It's hard, isn't it? Life today is tough enough juggling
  • 5 Great Gifts for Him Under £10

    Posted on Nov, 26 2014 It's almost Christmas! Let's take a look at just 5 great gifts for your significant other! And all under £10? It's more than possible with Mypure Natural Beauty.  Smooth moves Shave.  A nick stick is a great stocking filler, ad this is the perfec
  • Half Price Madness at Mypure

    Posted on Oct, 21 2014 We're all making lists and checking them twice - because we just know Christmas 2014 is going to just jump out at us and we want to be prepared here at Mypure Natural Beauty HQ. How about you? Have you started any seasonal preparation yet? Half Pric
  • Organic Beauty Week

    Posted on Sep, 09 2014 Organic and pure Let's get it trending! This is Organic Beauty Week when awareness is raised for a better way to approach what we choose to buy. Natural and Organic is just better for us, it's that simple. Know what's in that pot before you put it on
  • Let's Celebrate! Janey Loves 2014 Platinum Awards

    Posted on Sep, 03 2014 Celebrate! We're celebrating again this week at Mypure Natural Beauty! We're pleased and honoured to tell you of our success at the prestigious Janey Loves 2014 Platinum Awards  where it's always a good thing to be considered, but even better to be
  • Saving with Mypure Natural Beauty

    Posted on Aug, 04 2014 S.O.S. -  Save our Skin We all love a bargain - especially when it comes to everyday essentials. Moving over to natural, organic and chemical-free beauty products will certainly save your skin, and that of your family.  But that's not all - shoppin
  • Festival Fever! Beauty checklist...

    Posted on Jun, 05 2014 Rock on Yay! Festivals are upon us once again, that time of year to rev up the car or VW camper and head to one of the great outdoor music festivals around the country. Whether you're greeting the Summer Solstice at Glastonbury, having T in the Park,
  • Family matters - natural products for everyone

    Posted on Feb, 19 2014 Other options When one thinks of beauty products, natural or otherwise, one automatically thinks of the female form. That sounds a bit uptight, but it's true, isn't it? Most advertising is geared at women, apart from a few testosterone packed male ai
  • Skin care isn't just for women

    Posted on Nov, 27 2013 It isn't only women that can suffer from dull winter skin. Men are just as likely to experience dry patches, a loss of brightness and an increase in sensitivity over their face due to the harsh winter weather. With winter only just beginning and cond
  • Good skin guide for men

    Posted on Oct, 18 2013 Skincare is often seen as something only women worry about, but more and more men are beginning to reap the benefits of spending a little more time on their complexion.Regular shaving means that men’s skin is likely to go through a lot more st

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