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  • Half Price Madness at Mypure

    Posted on Oct, 21 2014 We're all making lists and checking them twice - because we just know Christmas 2014 is going to just jump out at us and we want to be prepared here at Mypure Natural Beauty HQ. How about you? Have you started any seasonal preparation yet? Half Pric
  • Saving with Mypure Natural Beauty

    Posted on Aug, 04 2014 S.O.S. -  Save our Skin We all love a bargain - especially when it comes to everyday essentials. Moving over to natural, organic and chemical-free beauty products will certainly save your skin, and that of your family.  But that's not all - shoppin
  • Teenage kicks - problem skin

    Posted on Feb, 26 2014 Inbetweeners Teenage years are all about fun, discovery, that landing board between child and adult. Teenage times should be a lovely memory making time - and times to be treasured. But for your hormonal teen, these times can be angst ridden, and ski
  • Women using same beauty products as their mothers

    Posted on Mar, 12 2013 A third of UK women use the exact same beauty products as their mums, according to new research.However, this means that they may be using the wrong ingredients for their skin, the Superdrug study found.Daughters reportedly begin borrowing their mot
  • Revitalise youthful skin

    Posted on Jan, 31 2013 When it comes to mature skin there are many different products and lifestyle tips which you can adopt to help reduce the signs of ageing and ensure that your face, in particular, feels healthy and hydrated.However, skincare should be a consideration
  • Calm acne this Christmas

    Posted on Dec, 24 2012 Acne flare ups can be common during the holiday season, with an increase in stress levels, lack of regular sleeping patterns and a high intake of unhealthy foods.But, this doesn’t mean it can’t be managed.In order to keep your skin under
  • Oily food 'does not cause acne'

    Posted on Sep, 03 2012 A balanced diet is always recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle and skincare regime, however it is not the only way to reduce acne.Beauty expert Zara Stone Rabinowicz said "chocolate and oily food does not cause it [acne]," instead it
  • Could organic skincare aid acne treatment?

    Posted on May, 25 2012 Acne comes in two forms, acne vulgaris and acne rosacea.The first is more difficult to treat and is associated with adolescent hormones.Thomas Mueller, ayurvedic practitioner and member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association, claims that it can
  • Tackling problem skin

    Posted on May, 15 2012 Acne affects a large proportion of us and has the power to crush confidence and lower self-esteem.The teenage stereotype has long disappeared and it is now fully realised that adults too can be prone to blemishes and problem skin - take celebrities
  • Stars bare all for natural beauty

    Posted on Feb, 02 2010 Fans of natural makeup could be inspired by the cover of a trendsetting magazine which has photographed famous models in the nude.Style magazine LOVE has snapped Kate Moss, Lara Stone and Naomi Campbell for its third issue, which is about fashion ic

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