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  • Yay for Tuesday! Organic care for that Post-Holiday you.

    Posted on May, 03 2016 Post holiday mornings Did you feel like having a lie-in this morning? Bank holidays - albeit short and sweet - are wonderful little breaks. But back to the office on Tuesday, or back to the school run, and our skin is suffering a little from the late
  • 5 Natural Beauty Hacks to make your skin glow

    Posted on Jan, 13 2016 Skin looking a little grey? Post-party season, our skin truly suffers. Cold and biting winds, central heating, even the thought of dreary weather ahead. After the Christmas diet of rich foods and over indulgence with alcohol, our skin needs a makeove
  • 5 Great Gifts for Her Under £10

    Posted on Nov, 26 2014 So guys, turn off that TV and let us tell you something important. It's almost Christmas! Yes, that time of year where you can get it oh-so-wrong or perfectly right with the help of Mypure Natural Beauty. No, you don't have to spend a fortune - thoug
  • Teenage kicks - problem skin

    Posted on Feb, 26 2014 Inbetweeners Teenage years are all about fun, discovery, that landing board between child and adult. Teenage times should be a lovely memory making time - and times to be treasured. But for your hormonal teen, these times can be angst ridden, and ski
  • The dangers of wearing makeup while exercising

    Posted on Apr, 18 2013 When exercising in the gym or a public place many women choose to wear makeup to give them a confidence boost while working out.A new survey from shows that 29 per cent apply cosmetics to make them feel good at the gym
  • Secrets to voluminous locks

    Posted on Mar, 14 2013 Not everyone is blessed with voluminous locks, but they can be achieved with a few helpful tips. To begin with you'll need to fully cleanse your hair of oil and dirt, this is so it lighter, rather than being lank and limp. After using a cleans
  • Sensitive skin 'can benefit from organic skincare'

    Posted on Feb, 07 2013 Organic skincare is a great choice for many people who want to ensure that they are not being exposed to potentially harmful chemical ingredients.With the growing concerns about beauty products and what we're actually putting on our skin, natura
  • Pack your hair with protein

    Posted on Nov, 19 2012 To fight the negative effects winter can have on your locks it is essential to pack in plenty of protein into your haircare regime.Celebrity stylist Dylan Bradshaw told Hello! Magazine that during this time of the year we should take care of hair in
  • Pumpkins 'are rich in skin nutrients'

    Posted on Oct, 22 2012 With Halloween fast approaching, pumpkins are cropping up everywhere, and as well as being a seasonal staple they are also hugely beneficial in skincare. Pumpkin enzymes and oil contain antioxidants and are rich in vitamin A, which soothes and soft
  • How to treat dry skin

    Posted on Oct, 03 2012 Dry skin can be worsened with winter weather and the constant changes from cold conditions to central heating.These factors can cause skin to dry out further, meaning it requires added moisture and hydration.To protect against these conditioners a n

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