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Intensive moisturising a must for winter hair care

Ladies may have noticed their hair looking lacklustre and dry in recent months with the winter weather having taken its toll.

According to experts, the colder months of the year are when it is particularly important to look after tresses to avoid frizzy ends and drab tresses.

One of the best ways to keep hair shiny and appearing healthy is use intensive moisturising treatments on a regular basis.

In an interview with the South Wales Echo, hairdresser Trystan Lewis explained how winter weather "plays havoc with your hair".

Women may want to stock up on natural conditioner after the expert described how tresses need to be treated to an intensive hydrating session at least once a week.

This combined with a trip to the salon every six to eight weeks will help to ensure people do not get dry ends and retain glossy locks throughout the festive season, Mr Lewis claimed.

"A good haircut can transform the way a person feels about themselves. It can give them self-confidence and assurance and you can’t really put a price on that," he remarked.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton's hair stylist Richard Ward told the Daily Mirror how tresses often look duller in appearance during the cold months.

As a result, he recommended imparting "extra shine" through a colour-protecting shampoo, which helps to "naturally intensify your colour".

The specialist also recommended using regular deep intensive conditioning treatments to boost the glossy texture of locks.

Fashion and beauty writer Rosita Shore Breen described in an article for StyleBistro how dry and unmanageable hair is one of the main side effects of winter weather.

She recommended sampling a weekly conditioning masque to "prevent Yuletide hair calamities", claiming they are "a must".

It was noted there are several options, from products designed to help return shine to fine/normal locks, to items produced especially for very damaged or colour-treated tresses.

Alternatively, Ms Breen suggested using a preconditioning treatment if a masque alone does not appear to have much benefit.

These can help to reduce frizz, hydrate hair intensely and protect against "further environmental stresses", such as wind and rain.

Creator of Alice Hart-Davis recently commented how coconut oil is a great moisturiser for both the skin and hair, describing it as best when it is used on the outside of the body rather than ingested.

Products containing coconut may be a good investment for those looking to boost the health of their tresses this festive season.

Posted by Claire Thomson


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