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Customer Reviews for Acorelle

At Acorelle ethics is at the heart of their concerns and especially at the heart of their organic cosmetics. This approach is very clear and visible through their labels and guarantees.

  • Acorelle cosmetics are labeled by the COSMEBIO association.
  • Acorelle organic cosmetics are not tested on animals and are certified by Ecocert
  • Packaged in recycled and / or recyclable materials
  • Their organic cosmetics are made in France and the perfumes in their own workshops
  • Their cosmetics are of natural origin, they respect your body and our environment

"For us, creating organic cosmetics must go beyond beauty. This approach must be part of a process of commitments and education of our community of users. Acorelle therefore makes it a point of honor to take clear positions on controversial subjects such as sun filters, alum stone in deodorants or even hair coloring. We are at your side to help you choose organic cosmetics for you and your family."

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