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Buy Khadi and read Khadi reviews at, the organic beauty and natural hair colour specialists.

Khadi natural hair colour gives your hair an intense yet natural colour. The herbal ingredients strengthen your hair from the roots to tips. Your hair will look amazing and feel great. The natural plant pigments of Khadi coat every single strand with a protective colour glaze. The longer you let the dye take effect, the more intense the colour becomes. Khadi have excellent coverage – even with grey and white hair. The colours range from blonde, brown, red to black.

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    Shikakai Shampoo - Shine

    Original Price £19.95
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    Khadi Shikakai Shampoo will gently but highly effectively cleanse your hair with natural cleansing ingredients leaving your hair and scalp feeling ...

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  • Khadi

    Detox Hair Mask


    Detox for your hair: Deep-cleansing hair and scalp masks with Amla Activated Charcoal as pre-treatment for khadi Natural Hair Color and for occasio...

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