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Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • World wakes up to sustainability on Earth Day

    Posted on Apr, 30 2012 On Sunday April 22nd the world focused on sustainable lifestyles and how best to protect the planet.The entire planet came together during the weekend for the annual Earth Day, designed to engage people from all over the world in more sustainable pr
  • Give organic a try for body detox

    Posted on Apr, 30 2012 Spring cleaning is a common practice at this time of the year, but many are choosing to cleanse their body as well as their homes.Opting for an organic diet is one way to remove toxins found in packaged and processed foods and can help you better ma
  • Natural remedies for oily hair

    Posted on Apr, 30 2012 Oily hair can be a problem for many people, meaning they may rely on frequent washing and hair products to help quell the problem.However, one way oily hair can be treated is with natural ingredients.According to News Olio, some of the most importan
  • More demand for natural beauty

    Posted on Apr, 27 2012 Businesses may need to focus on reflecting natural beauty in their imagery, as women reveal they want to see real people in adverts.A recent survey from Dove showed that 78 per cent of women want to buy products that advertise real women or natural
  • Berries 'good for your brain' as well as your skin

    Posted on Apr, 26 2012 Health fanatics will already be aware of the myriad benefits of fruit, particularly purple fruit, for enhancing natural skin care. However, a new study has suggested that blueberries and strawberries could also curb cognitive decline. Fruits such
  • Achieving body confidence

    Posted on Apr, 25 2012 Self esteem for UK women has been found to be surprisingly low, according to a new survey.The Dove Body Confidence Census suggests that only two per cent of women consider themselves beautiful, while only one in eight feel that they can call themsel
  • Flannel use in decline

    Posted on Apr, 24 2012 While many people will be familiar with using flannels as part of their natural skincare routine, sales of these items have fallen dramatically.This is according to high street store Debenhams, which claims that they are dropping by six per cent a y
  • Caring for lips this summer

    Posted on Apr, 24 2012 Lipcare is an often overlooked part of many people's beauty regime. However, with the summer months approaching, more focus should be given to this facial area.Wendy Lewis from HealthNewsDigest claims that with the increased sun shine, heat and
  • Organic skincare en vogue this season

    Posted on Apr, 20 2012 Organic skincare and beauty products are becoming more popular with the makeup artists and people working in the beauty industry and proved the focus of a recent article by Elle magazine.The beauty team claims that using organic and natural products

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