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Choose 5 free sample sachets with every order. Click here for available sachets
Choose 5 free sample sachets with every order. Click here for available sachets
  • Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil -

    Organic Face Serum | Coffee Oil

    from £0.00

    The bestselling UpCircle Serum is infused with coffee oil made with repurposed coffee grounds rescued from London cafes. Highly nourishing, this Se...

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  • Nourishing Hair Elixir -
    Evolve Beauty

    Nourishing Hair Elixir


    Crafted with a 100% natural alternative to silicon, this feather-light hair serum is designed to impart an exceptionally soft, weightless, and mois...

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  • Quinoa & Avocado Hair Serum -
    Green People

    Protein-Boost Hair Serum

    Original Price £15.00
    Current Price £12.00

    Previously known as Quinoa & Artichoke Hair Serum, now with a new look and enhanced UV protection!   Achieve your desired style effortlessly w...

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  • Scalp Oil -

    Scalp Oil


    Experience the moisturizing benefits of this 100% natural and cruelty-free formula, enriched with the goodness of rosemary and tea tree essential o...

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  • 03 Everyday Oil -
    Dr Jackson's

    03 Everyday Oil

    from £15.00

    Experience the award-winning face oil that will revolutionize your skincare routine. This lightweight and nourishing blend of 100% natural oi...

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  • Wondertree Intensive Hair Oil -

    Wondertree Intensive Hair Oil

    Original Price £19.95
    Current Price £15.96

    Wondertree - Intensive hair oil for ends and lengths Organic argan, organic coconut and burdock root: pure and precious oils are a traditional plan...

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  • Frizz Be Gone™ Super-Smoothing Serum -

    Frizz Be Gone™ Super-Smoothing Serum

    Original Price £9.99
    Current Price £7.99

    Bid farewell to frizz with Frizz Be Still, Frizz Be Gone™.Within this petite bottle lies the ultimate solution to rescue you from frizz. The super...

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  • Straight Fast™ Straightening Elixir -

    Straight Fast™ Straightening Elixir

    Original Price £9.99
    Current Price £7.99

    Achieve the epitome of sleekness with Giovanni®’s Straight Fast™ Straightening Elixir. This elixir effortlessly smooths curls, relaxes waves, and t...

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  • NEW Curl Definer Oil Repair -

    Curl Definer | Oil Repair

    Original Price £19.99
    Current Price £13.99

    Looking for silky smooth curls that shine like the sun? Look no further! This repairing oil is here to rescue your curly locks. With carefully s...

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